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MDS Project Management Group

We created this company off the need we saw within our market 

Consistency, Honesty, Communication, Trustworthy

Attention To Detail 



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Daniel is a man who’s foundation is laid upon his faith. From that component stems his character, delivery, and follow through in all other aspects of

his life.

Prior to Daniel’s exposure in Real Estate, he underwent 13 years of corporate level aviation experience.  He specialized in the design and layout of the aircrafts exterior; everything from the job as a whole to the minute intricate details.

He has managed multiple teams in the success of jobs with specific timelines, budgets, and visual expectations in both aviation and now in his real estate projects.

His passion is derived from providing exceptional services to his clients and creating a personal connection with visual excellence at the end of each project. He has aspirations, in the future, to develop land and create spaces for multi use and to maximize their functionality specific to the location or the proposed needs.

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